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Micro Classic 6 (Micro Root)

Code registration number: 08350
Packaging type: 20 kg  
* Great effect on the expansion of the plant’s root system and as a result the growth of aerial organs compared to other forms
* Ease of use
*Long-term impact on soil improvement and sustainable agriculture
*Lower price per unit of nutrients compared to other types of fertilizers
*Preventing the leaching of nutrients and the gradual release of elements needed by the plant    


  Elementstotal nitrogen (N)  usable phosphorus (P2 O5 )Potassium soluble in water (K​​2 O)
soluble iron (Fe)  
soluble manganese (Mn)Soluble copper (Cu)Soluble  zinc (Zn)  CopperSoluble Boron (B)Dissolved Chlorine (Cl)
Amount (w/w)15%5%15%1000 ppm500 ppm500 ppm500 ppm500 ppm200 ppm8%


FruitsMix with soil0.5-2 kg for each tree
agricultural150-200 kg per hectare
Green house30-80 kg per thousand square meters


·  The best time to use micro-root fertilizer in the form of chalk fertilizer in gardens is late winter.

·  Due to the granularity of this fertilizer, it can be used by conventional fertilizer spreaders in fields.

·  The recommended amounts are general, the actual amount of consumption should be determined according to the age of the plant, the severity of the lack of elements (based on the soil and leaf test) and the environmental conditions, in consultation with competent experts.

·  It is recommended to use this fertilizer alone or if it needs to be mixed with other fertilizers and poisons, it should be tested at a limited level first.

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