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Cyproconazole + Carbendazim 42% SC

Cyproconazole + Carbendazim 42% SC

Chemical group: Triazole + Benzimidazole

Acute oral LD50 for rats > 2000 mg/Kg

FRAC= (Cyproconazole )3,G1 , (Carbendazim)1,B1 

Toxicity class: III

Packaging: 500 ml, 1 Liter


Cyproconazole + Carbendazim is a systemic fungicide with both protective and curative action, belonging to the triazole class. Carbendazim, an inhibitor of tubulin biosynthesis, and Cyproconazole, which inhibits demethylation, target specific steps in the synthesis of a component of the fungal cell wall called sterol.


WheatFusarium head blight Fusarium (graminearum,Fusarium Culmorum)500 ml per hectare
CanolaSclerotinia stem rot (Sclerotinia sclerotiorum)1 liter per hectare

pre-harvest intervals: Wheat 42 days

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