GYAH Corporation was established in 1966, it’s line of activities include formulation of Agricultural Chemical Products and fertilizers; it has the appropriate licenses from Ministries of Health, Industry and Agriculture (Plant Protection Organization, and Veterinary Organization), for formulation of various Pesticides, Fertilizers and Household Insecticides, Veterinary Products and Distribution License for distributing its finished product all over Iran.
GYAH has always been a pioneer in this country for manufacturing Complete and Combined Chemical Fertilizers and Formulation of Pesticides.
GYAH is the first Company who has successfully managed to achieve the “R&D” (Research and Development) Certificate from the Iranian Ministry of Industry and Mines for its highly equipped and updated laboratory and for research on formulation of pesticides and fertilizers in Iran. Its Research and Development has been acclaimed by Ministry of Industry and in this respect has received the appropriate License. We have a fully trained staff in the field of Chemistry, Agriculture, Industry, etc. Our Research Team is in contact with the world’s Scientific and Research Centers and Organizations, the products are being formulated in accordance with FAO ,WHO and Plant Protection Organization Standards.
GYAH Corporation’s research department is consistently updating its research and development for formulation and manufacture of pesticides and fertilizers. At present, our research team is concentrating on producing material with solvents and emulsifiers which are friendly to the environment.
GYAH is a private firm and has the oldest formulation plant in Iran with highest capacity of 30000 ton PA per shift, latest machinery and highly experienced and educated personnel.

Many products have been formulated by GYAH for the first time purely through our own knowledge without being binded to any foreign companies. Wide range of products from EC, WP, GR, DF, EW, SL, SP, SC, DS, FS, OEC, SE, OD, B,… household insecticides, summer oil, veterinary products are formulated at GYAH’s plant and also it is manufacturing PET, COEX, PE bottle and drums used for the packing .