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Difenoconazole FS 3% , DS 3%

Difenoconazole 3% FS, 3% DS

 Chemical group: Triazole

Acute oral LD50 for rats =1453 mg/Kg

FRAC= 3.G1

Toxicity class: II

Packaging:  5 liters, 20 Liters , 1 Kg


Difenoconazole, belonging to the Triazole class, is a broad-spectrum fungicide with systemic and novel broad-range activity. It protects yield and enhances crop quality through either foliar application or seed treatment. Acting as an inhibitor of sterol 14α-demethylase, it disrupts sterol biosynthesis, hindering the growth of mycelia and the germination of pathogens’ spores, thereby suppressing fungal proliferation.


CropDiseaseDosage of 3% FSDosage of 3% DS
WheatDwarf bunt (Tilletia controversa)1 liter per 1000 Kg Seed for seed2 Kg per 1000 Kg Seed for seed
Common bunt (Tilletia tritici)1 Kg per 1000 Kg Seed for seed
Loose smut (Ustilago nuda)2 Kg per 1000 Kg Seed for seed

Pre-harvest intervals: Not specified

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