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Metalaxyl GR 5%

Redoxil (Metalaxyl) 5% GR

Chemical group: acylalanine

Acute oral LD50 for rats = 633 mg/Kg

Toxicity class: U

FRAC: 4,A1

Packaging: 1 Kg


Metalaxyl is a systemic, acylalanine fungicide used to control plant diseases caused by Oomycete fungi. It Inhibits protein synthesis in fungi, by interference with the synthesis of ribosomal RNA. It used as a seed treatment for control of systemic downy mildew, Pythium seed rot, Pythium damping-off and early season Phytophthora diseases in conifers, citrus, deciduous fruits and nuts, ornamentals and turf, residential and greenhouse crops such as tobacco, ornamental plants, trees, shrubs and vines, and lawns and turf.


Cucumber – farmCrown Rot (phytophthora drechsleri)20 to 25 kg per hectare
Cucumber – greenhouseroot and stem rot(Pythium aphanidermatum)2 gr per square meter of greenhouse area

pre-harvest intervals: Cucumber 7 days

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