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Phenmedipham + Desmedipham + Ethofumesate 27.4% EC

Toxicity: acute oral LD50 for rats > 3225 mg/Kg

Chemical group: phenyl carbamate, phenyl carbamate, benzofuran

HRAC (Phenmedipham & Desmedipham)= C1 , HRAC (Ethofumesate)= N


This is a post-emergence selective herbicide for broad-leaved weed control in sugar beets. It controls a wide range of annual broadleaf weeds. It also stops the growth of a number of grassy weeds. Phenmedipham & Desmedipham belongs to the class of phenylcarbamate and Ethofumesate is a benzofuran herbicide. The best time to use this product is in the evening, before sunset until nightfall. Spraying in the cotyledon stage of weeds will give the best results.


Sugar beetbroadleaf weeds3 liters per hectare, in the stage 4 leaves of sugar beet

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