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Olegro 5-8-36+TE

Olegro 5-8-36+TE

Registration number: 57856

Packaging type: 10 kg


• increase marketability

• increase the length of storage

• increase resistance to cold weather

• Chlorine-free and without the risk of salinization in the soil


ElementsTotal nitrogen (N)phosphorus (P2O5)potassium  (K2O)  
Amount (W/W)5%8%36%


First stage (4-6 leaves)  5-7 kg / ha1-3 kg /ha
Second stage (15 days after the first stage)5-7 kg / ha1-3 kg /ha
Third stage (formation of chives up to 8 leaves)  7 kg /ha1-3 kg /ha
The fourth stage (formation of spikes up to 15 days after harvest, every 15 days7-10 kg /1000 m21-3 kg /ha


• The best time for foliar spraying is early morning or afternoon before sunset.

• Avoid foliar spraying during pollination and flowering period.

• In case of mixing with other fertilizers or pesticides, it should be tested on a limited area first.

• The consumer is responsible for mixing with pesticides and other fertilizers.

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