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Olegro 10-52-10 + TE

Olegro 10-52-10 + TE

Registration number: 72621

Packaging type: 10 kg


• Can be used through irrigation water and foliar spraying.

• Supplying elements in the initial stages of growth and then increasing the rooting of the plant due to the high level of phosphorus and available micronutrient elements.

• Very low amount of chlorine and sodium, suitable for use in salty soils.

• Micronutrients in the form of EDTA chelate.

• Increased plant growth.

• Increasing the quality and quantity of product.

• Supplying nutrients needed by the plant.

• Increasing the amount of plant protein.


ElementsTotal nitrogen (N)phosphorus (P2O5)potassium (K2O)iron Femanganese Mnzinc Zncopper Cusoluble boronsoluble molybdenum MoFree chelate
Amount (W/W)%10%52%101000 ppm500 ppm  500 ppm  500 ppm  200 ppm  50 ppm  10000 ppm


Agricultural8-12 kg/ ha  1-3 kg/ha
Horticultural10-20 kg / ha2-4 kg / 1000 L water
Vegetables10-15 kg/ha1-3 kg/ha
Green house2-7 kg /1000 m22-4 kg /1000 L water


• Olegro 10-52-10 cannot be mixed with calcium compounds.

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