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Olegro 20-20-20 +TE

Olegro 20-20-20 +TE

Olegro 20-20-20 +TE

Registration number: 71132

Packaging type: 10 kg


• It has an ideal and proportionate combination of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and micronutrient elements that can be used in different stages of plant growth and development.

• Micronutrient elements in the form of EDTA chelate.

• High solubility in high bicarbonate waters.


ElementsTotal nitrogen (N)phosphorus (P2O5)potassium (K2O)Iron (Fe)Manganese (Mn)Zinc (Zn)Copper (Cu)Molybdenum (Mo)boron (B)Free chelate  
Amount (W/W)20%20%20%1000 ppm500 ppm  500 ppm  500 ppm  50 ppm  200 ppm10000 ppm


Agricultural8-12 kg/ha1-3 kg/ha  
Horticulture10-20 kg/ hectare2-4 kg /1000 L water
Vegetable10-15 kg/ha1-3 kg/ha
Greenhouse2-4 kg /1000m22-4 kg /1000 L water


• The best time for foliar spraying is early morning or afternoon before sunset.

• The low dose is for use at the beginning of the plant growth stage and the high dose is for use at the full growth stage of the leaves.

• To get better results, if possible, foliar spraying should be done as early as possible at the beginning of the season and when there are enough leaves to absorb nutrients.

• The recommended amounts are general, the actual amount of consumption should be determined according to the age of the plant, the severity of the lack of elements (based on the soil and leaf test) and the environmental conditions, in consultation with competent experts.

• Avoid foliar spraying during pollination and flowering period.

• In case of mixing with other fertilizers or pesticides, it should be tested on a limited area first.

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