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Olgro cucumber 10-3-20

Olgro cucumber 10-3-20

Registration number: 22293

Packaging type: 10 kg


• Help to increase resistance to cold

• Due to the high percentage of potassium, it has a significant effect in the final stages of plant growth

• Free of chlorine and sodium, suitable for salty soils

• High solubility in water with high bicarbonate

• Suitable for growing cucumbers


elementsTotal nitrogen (N)phosphorus (P2O5)potassium  (K2O)  
Amount (W/W)10%3%20%


First stage (4-6 leaves)  3-5 kg / ha
Second stage (12 leaves to the initial flowering)3-5 kg / ha
Third stage (from flowering to early fruiting)  5-10 kg /ha
The fourth stage (f from the flowering stage, once every 2 waters)5-10 kg /1000 m2


• The best time for foliar spraying is early morning or afternoon before sunset.

• The low dose is for use at the beginning of the plant growth stage and the high dose is for use at the full growth stage of the leaves.

• The recommended amounts are general, the actual amount of consumption should be determined according to the age of the plant, the severity of the lack of elements (based on the soil and leaf test) and the environmental conditions, in consultation with competent experts.

• Avoid foliar spraying during pollination and flowering period.

• In case of mixing with other fertilizers or poisons, it should be tested on a limited level first.

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