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Olegro Petaplex

Olegro Petaplex

Registration number: 32670

Packaging type: one liter


• Help increase performance

• Help to improve product quality and quantity

• Help to increase resistance to Loging

• Help to increase the plant’s resistance to frost

• Supplying potassium element and preventing its deficiency in the plant


elementsPotassium (K2O)  
Amount (W/W)%20.5

Recommended use:

Agricultural4 to 6 liters/ ha1 to 2 liters / 1000 l water
Horticultural4 to 6 liters / ha1 to 2 liters / 1000 L water
Greenhouse5 to 8 liters / ha2 liters / 1000 L water


• The best time for foliar spraying is early morning or afternoon before sunset.

• To get better results, if possible, foliar spraying should be done as early as possible at the beginning of the season and when there are enough leaves to absorb nutrients.

• Due to the generality of the above recommendations, as well as the variety of weather conditions and varieties of agricultural products, it is recommended to test on a limited level before consuming on a large scale.

• Avoid foliar spraying during pollination and flowering period.

• In case of mixing with other fertilizers or poisons; Before using on a large scale, it should be tested on a limited scale first.

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