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Olegro R

Olegro R

Registration number: 14656

Packaging type: one liter


• Help to increase the amount of product.

• Soluble in water with high solubility rate and solubility efficiency.

• Help to increase the quality of plant tissue.

• Helping to increase the plant’s resistance Lodging.

• Help to improve plant growth and increase seed yield.


elementsTotal nitrogen (N)phosphorus (P2O5)potassium (K2O)
Amount (W/V)%9%5%7


Fertilization stepsTimeFoliar dosage
The first stageOne week before transplanting1 liter per thousand
The second stageEarly clawing3 liters per thousand
The third stageof the beginning of the shoot4-6 liters per thousand
The fourth stageEmergence of clusters4-6 liters per thousand
The fifth stageAfter flowering4-6 liters per thousand


• The best time for foliar spraying is early morning or afternoon before sunset.

• The low dose is for use at the beginning of the plant growth stage and the high dose is for use at the full growth stage of the leaves.

• To get better results, if possible, foliar spraying should be done as early as possible at the beginning of the season and when there are enough leaves to absorb nutrients.

• The recommended amounts are general, the actual amount of consumption should be determined according to the age of the plant, the severity of element deficiency (based on the soil and leaf test) and the environmental conditions, in consultation with competent experts.

• Do not use salty and brackish water for dilution.

• Before using on a large scale, test on a limited scale.

• In case of mixing with other fertilizers or poisons, it should be tested on a limited level first.

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